Who loves Edward the most in the last 30 days?

Note: shouting more than once per day will not effect your placement on the scoreboard

eddy lover said:
age smage!
on 2009-05-13

msn said:
if you added up everyone in the world that had a single good feeling about edward, it still would never be enough compared to how much i love him!
on 2009-05-13

Alice Twin said:
omg! i'll never forget when he walked in the lunch room in the movie twilight!!!!! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!
on 2009-05-13

Alis said:
his face is nice but when he speak he becoms so attracive
on 2009-05-13

mahdiyeh said:
I like him so much!he is so handsome.he is in the best shape.i never forget him
on 2009-05-13

Girly Girl said:
Edward is my dream he is so hot.I love Edward!! Know body will take him from me!! <3
on 2009-05-12

Zach said:
I <3 Edward Cullen!!!
on 2009-05-07

Isabella Swan said:
i love edward cullen he is so hot he is the most sexyest man in the world!
on 2009-04-25

dreamergirl said:
I think that rob is ok but Iove the Edward I imagined so much more mostly cuz the Edward I imagined is way hotter
on 2009-04-24

Edward freak94 said:
Omg!!! My friend gave me Edwards phone number!!! And I get 2 meet him!!!! I am soooooo happy!!! x]
on 2009-04-23