Who loves Edward the most in the last 30 days?

Note: shouting more than once per day will not effect your placement on the scoreboard

Shawna V-r-v said:
Andy, you're bi? D: You're either joking or I am very surprised.
on 2009-07-08

Andy Chase said:
about Edward? NOBODY can say what is so great about him. christ, half of what people say is that he is hot. ITS A BOOK CHARACTER! HE IS DESCRIBED AS BEATIFUL! all of a sudden he is hot??? also, a BOY made this site, saying a few thousand times that edward is hot. the boy then goes on and makes a shout board, on which more than 70 percent of the "shouters" are...(more)
on 2009-07-08

mrs. cullen<3sex money sex money sex money cat said:
edward is hot hot hot... and so forth
on 2009-07-05

<3<3mrs.cullen<3<3 said:
edward is hot hot hot... i dream of sooo many things bout edward
on 2009-07-05

edward-cullen's-girlfriend said:
happy lat birthday edward ik i said happy birthday to u wid the birthday sex but happpy bday again!
on 2009-06-21

Anonymous Edward Lover said:
Happy Father's Day EDWARD!
on 2009-06-21

Blahblah said:
I love Edward.... Elric XD
on 2009-06-20

edward-cullen's-girlfriend said:
lolomg ur my cuzin im guessing because there is ur fanpop that is omglol.exept this time is loomg omglol.
on 2009-06-17

lolomg said:
lolz edward is mine!!!!!!!
on 2009-06-16

girlfriend of edward said:
on 2009-06-15