Who loves Edward the most in the last 30 days?

Note: shouting more than once per day will not effect your placement on the scoreboard

on 2013-04-01

Luke Anderson said:
he still is
on 2013-02-25

Andy Chase said:
on 2012-05-23

Matthew Hester said:
I like men
on 2012-02-20

Luke Anderson said:
Garrett McGowan is gay
on 2012-01-25

R.I.P. said:
Edward is dead.
on 2012-01-03

St said:
Madison shut the fuck up I'm not a hoe and if he met me he would choose me over you!! So shut the fuckin hell up white trash bitch!!!! Go suck ur ass!!!
on 2011-03-26

St said:
I love Edward the most cuz I have everything of him!! Plus I know alot bout him!!!!!
on 2011-03-26

Matthew Hester said:
I am so attracted to vampires! almost as much as KFC!
on 2011-03-08

Laura said:
I love <3 <3 Edward
on 2011-02-22