Who loves Edward the most in the last 30 days?

Note: shouting more than once per day will not effect your placement on the scoreboard

Mrs.-Edward-Cullen said:
you guys are soooo fricken stupid robert and kristen arent engaged,it was a rumor when twilight first came out htat they were engaged,and this time its still a rumor,there not engaged!............jeese you guys are dumb..............
on 2009-10-12

kayla said:
hey peps i love edward but i luv talyor in real life

on 2009-10-09

edward fisher said:
Ooh... Edward is so steamy!
on 2009-10-09

Amanda said:
Edward Cullen is mines :)
hehehe i love you volturi:]
on 2009-09-25

edward kisser said:
do u think he can read this lol :):)
on 2009-09-13

edward lover said:
he so sexyy fuck all the ppl who like jacob
on 2009-09-13

madison said:
they might be engaged that will be awesome
on 2009-09-08

JamJam said:
they r not engaged!!!
on 2009-09-05

kayla b said:
he is so hot and I cant belive he is engaged with Kristen in real life

on 2009-09-05

jessica said:
hes sexy
on 2009-09-01